Kū i ka Mānaleo

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User Agreement for Audio Collection “Kū I Ka Mānaleo

The majority of this audio collection entitled Kū I Ka Mānaleo, was excerpted from the audio library of Ka Leo Hawai‘i to provide short, native Hawaiian speech selections from lengthy interview formats. Items 28 and 29 of the Kū I Ka Mānaleo collection were done separately by Larry Kimura with his grand uncle. All expressed covenants of this User Agreement shall also apply to these two aforementioned items.

The length of each item is about one to three minutes in order to render conducive their use as audio lessons for class learning. Each item is designated with its own topic heading. The purpose of this collection is to further the learning of the Hawaiian language, the Hawaiian culture and history, from native speaking sources. The methods for teaching or learning this content are the prerogative of each teacher or learner.

Whenever any information from the audio collection of Kū I Ka Mānaleo is published in any way, such as in a book, a CD, a published article, and such renderings, an approval is required from Larry Kimura for such work and a policy use form shall be signed to insure the printing of the audio collection’s name, Kū I Ka Mānaleo, and the name of the individual the information is obtained from, to appear as credits upon such publication or writing.

I attest to my understanding and adherence to the substance of meaning set forth in this document by pressing the icon “I agree” located below. Press "Cancel" to exit.